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Frequently asked questions


who should use

This service is intended for IT Professionals, e.g., IT Administrators, IT Architects, IT Service Owners, IT Managers. is a service for Office 365 subscribers. The intent is to help to manage the constant changes in Office 365.
All Office 365 subscribers should have an “evergreen” management in place.
All subscribers who want to get control over the changes back are invited.
The recommendations and assessments are made from a European Unions situation perspective.
Distribution, reselling, etc. is not allowed.
Microsoft customers with tenants on DoD, GCC, EDU, Germany, DoD High, China (21vianet) and similar instances, are not covered by
Our services are not available for companies providing services, consulting, or other related workloads to Office 365 business customers.

how do the free Basic plans assist the “evergreen” management?

It’s hard to keep up with the roadmap and Message Center items. Also, not at least, even the items in the roadmap changes quite often. jumps in the ongoing monitoring the updates in the Microsoft 365 roadmap and Office 365 Message Center.
The changes in the Microsoft sources provided to free of charge. This should already help in the daily business, e.g., the status changes in the Microsoft 365 roadmap.
Plus you can better plan what to do at which point in time through the additional “check before” date.
All the rest is up to you.

Where are the items with the status “Launched” in the reports?

The evergreen navigator is intended to plan and act before items arrive at your tenant. According to the idea to plan items which change their status to “Launched” are already covered in most cases.
Items in the status “Launched” are removed from the reports, because this information doesn’t support your planning and handling of upcoming items or Message Center elements.
Only Microsoft 365 Roadmap items directly appearing with the staus “Launched” are in the reports and are marked with a unique tag in the advanced reports.

Are all Message Center Messages in the reports relevant for my environment?

Short answer is: no.
Long answer:
We are currently reading out several productive tenants.
There are a few Message Center entries that are only relevant for small groups of tenants.
Entries with the same MC number always have the same content.
In the reports, there are always all MC entries that we know, but not all MC entries appear on each tenant.
In case of doubt, your Message Center content applies.
If an entry can not be found on your tenant, it is not relevant for you.
Also, we cannot know your MC entries at all, if you do not give us the option to read your tenant’s Message Center. (
On the other hand, it can be that some of your MC entries do not appear in reports.
So, that no information is lost, we always write all MC entries, which we know into the reports.

What are the options for IT service providers?

With the standard plans, you can book on this site; it is not allowed to resell, distribute or integrate information. Copyright laws protect the information we provide.
But there are individual plans for these scenarios. If you want to resell or integrate our service into your solutions, please get in contact with us to get more on the reseller or integrator plans.
Please use the support from on this site.

what kind of email adress shall I proivde for log-in or registration?

This service is intended for Office 365 subscribers, so please use the email address where the domain is associated with Office 365.
For the higher plan you there are additional features, which require an Azure Active Directory Account connected to Office 365.
Starting from the “Basic plus” plan, the association of the email domain is checked. If the email domain is not connected to Office 365, the plan membership will be revoked.

Which reports will I get with the free “Basic plus” plan?

You will get access to the latest reports on changes in the Microsoft 365 roadmap and the Office 365 Message center as .pdf-file for download.
The files will be named “CW 365 MessageCenter changes report by CSO.pdf” and “CW 365 Roadmap changes report by CSO.pdf.”
The reports are published once a week.
You may get an impression what is provided with the completely free older reports here
The membership will be permanently free.

Which reports will I get with the “Advanced” plan?

in addition to the “Basic plus” plan, you will get access to the Microsoft 365 roadmap and Office 365 Message Center update reports as Excel-File, to import or use for your purpose.
And you will get access to four further reports with additional value. Links or references within a list or between the lists are processed and consolidated, so you can work from one list and plan your tasks, without doing double work or missing an item.
Three reports are separated by major, normal and major items. Each of the items has additional information on the product, platform and the scope of the item. Also, you get recommendations, further descriptions and so on.
There is also intelligent handling of items: Roadmap Items and Message Center items are aggregated into one item if the items have references. Also, superseded items are referenced and removed from the list.

Which reports do I get with the “Enterprise” plan?

With the “Enterprise” plan, the platform changes. “Enterprise” plan holders will become a member of the Microsoft Team. In the Team files, there are all reports provided in the “Advanced” plan.
For better usage in an Enterprise, there are pre-defined reports for the scope of an item. There are ten predefined scopes and depending on the changes there are up to ten reports each week. You can see some example reports here
Additionally, you can generate user-defined reports and use all advantages of access to a SharePoint list with all the data, like Flows, Planner integration, etc.

My Plan booking was removed, what can I do?

If your booking of a Membership plan is revoked, you will be informed and provided with a reason.
Most of the time the Office 365 subscription check failed.
If this is the case, please sign-in again and use an email address from your Office 365 tenant. The email domain must point to Exchange online.
Or you tried to book as a company providing services, consulting or other related workloads to Office 365 business customers.

How can I cancel a cost free member plan?

the free “Basic plus” plan terminates automatically after six months.
Go to the Plans and Pricing site and hit the “Cancel Plan” at the bottom. The fill out the support form. Select an issue: “Cancel a plan.”
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