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Roadmap Properties in the
weekly report


A reports section represents a property, which has changed in a week. Here are some explanations of the changed properties. All properties are prefixed by “RM” to indicate this is a property derived from the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

RM to MC Link: This is added by to indicate if a roadmap item is referenced in the Message Center (MC) in the Office 365 admin portal. In most cases, it should be sufficient to follow up and track the Message Center item, rather than the roadmap item. In most situations, the Message Center entry supersedes the roadmap item.

RM Status: The status as provided by Microsoft. The expected way of an item should be “In development, “Rolling out,” “Launched.” But this isn’t always true. Even new item can come in with “Launched.”

This is the most important section for IT operations because it is showing what changes in the Office 365 tenant and with Microsoft 365.

So watch out for also for new items status.

RM Title: The roadmap item title

RM Description: the description from the roadmap

RM MoreInfoLink: if a roadmap item provides a link, this is filed in this property

RM PublicDisclosureAvailabilityDate: This indicates the period of time when the item will be public available. This value is very important, because preparation on customer side should be done by this point in time. Microsoft changes this information quite often, even for already launched items.

Properties that will never appear in the report. This has various reasons:

  • RM ID
  • RM Tags
  • RM Added Date
  • RM Last Modified
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