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Message Center
properties in the report


A reports section represents a property, which has changed in a week. Here are some explanations of the changed properties. All properties are prefixed by “MC” to indicate this is a property derived from the Microsoft 365 Message Center.

MC Action This field can take one of – currently – three values and shows what Microsoft would derive from this message, e.g., Action means that you should become active from Microsoft’s point of view.
Not all of the properties below are visible in the Message Center or are not visible in this form.

MC Action Required By When Microsoft expects action from your site, there may sometimes be a date when the action should be completed from a Microsoft point of view.

MC Category Shows what kind of message this is.

MC End TimeProbably the time when the message is no longer displayed in the Message Center.

MC FeatureName This value is only filled for major updates and displays the feature description associated with the message.

MC How Affect This corresponds to the area “How does it affect me?” in the Message Center.

MC IsMajorChange This indicates whether a message is classified as a Microsoft Major Change.

MC Link The link attached to the message

MC Messages This is the first area in the message in the Message Center.

MC prepare this is the first area in the message in the Message CenterThis corresponds to the area “What do I need to do to prepare for this change?” in the Message Center.

MC Title The title of the message

MC to MC link Shows which other message is referenced in the current message.

MC to RM link Shows which Roadmap element is referenced in the current message.

MC Urgency Indicates how urgently Microsoft sees a message.

MC Workload Display Names Here is the description of the workload of the message. This is displayed in the Message Center by an icon.

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