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Good and bad news

In most cases you will be asked which news you want to hear first, the good or the bad.

In this case it is a message, but whether it is good or bad depends on who hears it.

First of all, the message is good for our users and not so good for us.

So, what’s behind it?

We have announced that we will go live with our service on September 1, 2019. We couldn’t achieve this. We are working flat out to set a new date.

The functions we need are all available. But not only the contents but also further components are needed to complete a service. Here we are also dependent on other service providers. And at this point we have to invest even more effort.

This is good news for all of you, because remains in the public preview phase. This also means, for the next time, still free of charge.

As soon as we can better estimate when we can overcome the obstacles, we let you know.

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