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Embrace the change

Long story told short, let me illustrate, what happened, by a quote:

“I’ll be back” –

The “Tags – Customer Ring” column

"I'll be back" -  The "Tags - Customer Ring" column

Another day, another change to the Microsoft 365 roadmap columns.

Microsoft has renamed one column “Tags – Release Phase” back to “Tags – Customer Ring.”

As we have observed during the past years, the tags in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap are volatile, which is the euphemistic paraphrase for fidgety.

In the past, lots of bulk tag changes took place forth and back. This can be mitigated by adding more logic to the automation.

This behavior of a column head is new.

Microsoft tells it’s customers to use the Microsoft 365 roadmap to manage the evergreen changes. Having this kind of erratic change to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap lower the value and trust in it. Most of the customers have other objectives than putting all their attention to the roadmap itself, rather than to the content.

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