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IT Consultants are interested in using to improve their consulting. We had a lot of contact with Office 365 consultants employed at consulting companies.

Office 365 Consultant

From the beginning was intended to support customers using Office 365 for their businesses. And, to be honest, we have no purchasing plan for consulting purposes.

The primary reason is the Message Center provided by Microsoft. The Message Center contains tenant-specific information. So, it not usable for general consulting purposes.

With the feedback and information collected during the public beta, we’re trying to figure out if we can provide general information for Office 365 consultants.

As we see and respect the need, we’re working on a solution for this.

For the new year, a solution will be provided.

For the time being, you might follow us on Twitter @CloudscoutO, to receive the latest changes and updates. If this isn’t enough, please reach out to us to find a solution.

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