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Message Center API Confusion
Alex Green at Pexels

Message Center API confusion

some words of warning:

During the past weeks, we observed some kinds of bulk changes to Message Center changes by Microsoft. And changes back. Because this was happening some times before with the Microsoft 365 roadmap, it appears to be the new normal.

But this time things are different. If you use the Graph API to request the Message Center items, you might have seen the same. Requesting the items multiple times, the result switches between two different kind of “formats”. The attributes are staying the same, but the values are changing from request to request.

Sometimes the Category arrived with spaces or without. The same happens to other attributes, sometimes some attributes are completely empty. For example, the ActionType.

confusion 1611093085
Andrea Piacquadio at Pexels

So, it appears, that there is a kind of change in the Graph API backed. But only rolled out to a part of the systems.

We recommend to check your side if you’re reading out the Message Center via the Graph API.

After the reverse engineering of this strange behavior everything is mitigated in the evergreen tool by today.

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