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Launched Items Report new Features

we are happy to let you know about some new features has just released or exposed to public preview.

Evergreen change planner

The Evergreen change planner has now a new appearance and better user experience in sorting out the relevant changes for your organization.

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for the Advanced professional plan members there is an additional minimal branded “print view”. This view makes it easier to export the selection. To print it to pdf or to copy it out to other applications.

The Evergreen change planner is intended to plan what you should check or consider for upcoming Microsoft 365 features and items. So, you can plan your weekly tasks what to check or do some research on in your environment.

Launched Items Report

A new feature is the Launched Items Report covers the backward reporting. Thanks to customer feedback, we have seen a huge value in a possibility to report on what happend in a certain period. Already launched or archived items are not visible in the Evergreen Change Planner, because this kind of items do not need any planning and would just jam the view.

The Launched Items Reports is intended to report on past feature launches as documented by Microsoft in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and in common items in the Office 365 Message Center.

Screenshot of the Launched Items report
Launched Items Report

You can narrow down the results to a date range. This filter uses the last modified information, and the view has a filter that shows all the items which are in the status “Launched” to complement the Evergreen change planner view.

There is also a minimal branded “print view” to export the items of choice to pdf or copy to other applications.

This new feature is available for advanced professional plan holders.

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