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Clean Up In The Microsoft 365 Roadmap
Alexas Fotos at Pexels

Clean up in the Microsoft 365 roadmap

During the past weeks Microsoft was cleaning up and rearranging the Microsoft 365 roadmap massively. And it’s not too easy to keep up with all the changes.

Lots of release dates where updated and the status of many item changed. Because the pleasant weather conditions and the holiday season all over Europe, we want to make things easier for the Office 365 Administrators, Service Owners and all people still working. Either from home or in the office.

Work from home
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With our service you can always get the weekly change reports with a free basic account. For the past calendar week 32, you can also download the Message Center and the Microsoft 365 roadmap change reports without any obligations directly from the links.

In addition, we provide the full “What’s next report“, which is part of the advanced subscription plan. This might make it simpler to plan the changed and keep up to date with upcoming changes in the Microsoft 365 world.

The “what’s next reports” shows all the changing items coming up in the next time. This is updates weekly for Advanced plan holders.

Have an enjoyable time.

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