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New Column “Change Type” In The Evergreen Reports
Ken Tomita at Pexels

New Column “Change Type” in the Evergreen reports

CORVID-19 had an impact on all of us. At least on our side all people were working from home. But we used the time to analyze the existing service, incorporate the feedback.

And we see what Microsoft is offing. Or in other words: changing without notice.

From now on we introduce a new column named “Change Type” this is included in all plans and reports.

This new column is inspired by a property of the Microsoft 365 Message Center. Microsoft partly fills this property and we will take care to add the values to all Evergreen roadmap items.

You may take this for your reference and make additional conclusions on how to handle evergreen changes.

Update 2020-07-24:

Meanwhile Microsoft has officially announced the new Microsoft 365 Message Center property. You can find the details here

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